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Michael Moss

People have phenomenal stories to tell. 


Whether you are a trauma surgeon saving lives or a CEO spearheading a global enterprise, you possess a compelling personal narrative that can be documented and shaped into a thought-provoking film. That's what I do as a filmmaker, find the story and tell it with passion and authenticity.  It's a journey that has taken me to wonderful places and introduced me to some remarkable people.  Technologists, songwriters, archaeologists, astronauts, tap dancers, and Texas Rangers - to name but a few.  Regardless of whose story I'm sharing, I immerse myself in their world so that I convey accurate content and honest messaging.  Investigative journalism meets non-fiction narrative. But more importantly, I serve it up with some heart and soul.  I can't think of a better way to communicate.

My filmmaking career began on the sets of TV commercials, feature films and television series working as a lighting technician.  For almost a decade I learned the ropes of cinematic storytelling under the mentorship of some gifted directors and cinematographers. It was my master class in filmmaking. 


A stint as a freelance writer followed, reporting for local rags, penning copy for ad agencies, and researching and scripting documentary films for non-profits and educational publishers. Setting up shop as a freelance filmmaker was a natural progression. What better way to merge the skills I've accumulated as a writer, interviewer, and journalist.


The result? Human stories. Moving pictures.  

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